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Protected Health Staff

SpeedyHand, your quick and easy protection near you.

Practical and Functional

SpeedyHand dispensers are clipped to the outside of a gown, pants pocket, belt, suitcase or shopping bag. Then, just press its upper part twice to pour the recommended 3 ml of alcohol gel in the palm of your hand.

Disinfection is complete when you rub your hands for approximately 30 seconds.

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Always Acessible

The product is excellent, so much that I bought three. Congratulations for the designer, for ease to release the gel, for the different colors.

Once again, the product is beautiful.

But … I also want to register my contentment for the attention, confidence that they deserve, and for the promptness in the service.

As a nurse, and always being exposed and always with my heart in my hands for me and my family and friends …

I felt a lot safer when I started using my SpeedyHand. It’s my best friend now.

Helping people on a daily basis, I consider this an indispensable accessory to keep me safe